A Crazy Good Book, Squareheads, Twin Mama Guilt, and Major Cuteness

A post title like that can only mean it’s 7 Quick Takes Friday, right?



This book. Oh, this book. It’s been awhile since I’ve been swept away by a beautiful story and incredible prose. I happened across this one while generating ideas and topics for upcoming episodes of The Read-Aloud Revival. It looked interesting and it was on sale for six bucks on Amazon (still is, in fact), so I ordered a copy and shuffled everything else on my to-read stack to the side to give it a whirl.

It may be the best memoir I’ve ever read. I feel like she’s singing the anthem I’ve felt on my heart about reading aloud for so long now- that books are the currency of deep and meaningful relationships. That sharing a book together weaves hearts together in a unique way that can’t quite be replicated any other way.

Anyway, just read it. You’ll see what I mean.


Tulip’s new favorite past time is creating a world out of address labels. These SquareHeads are all made using blank address labels and a basket of crayons. I love seeing where the SquareHeads are going to show up next. :)


Have you heard about Mystie’s new course, Simplified Organization: Learning to Love What Must Be Done?

Mystie is the one who consistently helps me see what I’m really doing in an ordinary day. She can teach someone how to be productive and quote Goethe at the same time. That takes distinct talent, I think. :)

Her brand new course is available now, and it’s all about living out metaphors, embracing the eternal in the daily grind, and finding practical and effective ways of organizing your life so you can live out your vocation in the best way possible. You can get a little video tour of the course here.

Get organized. Stay organized.

I’ve read the whole thing, but now I’m starting back at the beginning to work my way through one module at a time, slowly and carefully. Through Labor Day you can get $30 off the course by using the coupon code backtoschool. You really probably want to go do that. I’m just sayin’.




How did this happen?!?! Doesn’t he look so BIG? This is Huck. Dewy can do that too, but I didn’t get a picture of it yet.

Speaking of, twins add a whole new dimension of mama guilt. I always feel like I have to make sure I get pictures of BOTH of them ALL THE TIME. Especially for milestone moments like this, I feel sincerely guilty that I don’t have one of Dewy. Isn’t that ridiculous? I mean, typing it out like that, I know it’s ridiculous, but feelings can’t just be rationalized away, and… it is what it is. I feel guilty about it!

Twin moms- can you relate? Or is it just me?


September is newsletter month. I’m working on the issue right now, and it’s going to be all about becoming the mother you want your kids to remember. A beautifully inspiring woman who has homeschooled her four kids through to adulthood is going to share some thoughts with us on that.  Are you subscribed to get the newsletter when it’s ready? (It’s free.) (Of course.) (It also includes coupon codes from some of those guys listed on the sidebar. Exclusive coupon codes. Oooh, la, la.) :)


Hello cuteness.



Hello even more cuteness. :)


Have a fantastic weekend!