Cupcakes, Twins, and Some Worthwhile Links

A few photos from our week:



Posy: “No pick-chee of me! No pick-chee!!!!!!”

Tulip was set on getting the boys twin puppies for their birthday. It was a good call- they loved them! :)

IMG_0682-5 IMG_0683-6 IMG_0686-7 IMG_0688-8 IMG_0704-10 IMG_0719-12 IMG_0733-13 IMG_0738-14

Some worthwhile clicking around the interwebs:

Mother as Student- If you haven’t seen the newest post by Irlene Mandrell er… Pam over at Scholé Sisters, you have got to go read it. That’s basically an order. :)

Poetic Knowledge as Curriculum- my latest post over there (which isn’t nearly as awesome as Pam’s, but we can’t all be that fantastic)

Principles and Passports: Giving Them Access to Our World- a great post by Jennifer at Expanding Wisdom

Good to Great: Teaching Literature from Grammar to Rhetoric- I can’t wait to listen to Dr. Taylor’s talk!