Are you intimidated by Shakespeare? Do you wonder how you can introduce the bard’s work to your kids if you aren’t all that familiar with it yourself? Ah yes. You’ve come to the right place. :)

I am a huge (HUGE!) fan of Ken Ludwig‘s book, How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare (now available in paperback!) and I invited him onto the show to inspire and encourage you.


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • how Shakespeare helps our children to be more human
  • his thoughts about watching a movie or see a performance before reading a play
  • his favorite adaptions we can share with our kids


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Episode 06
Shakespeare’s Stories for Young Readers (Dover Children’s Classics)
Tales From Shakespeare  Student Edition  Complete And Unabridged
The Young Reader’s Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
The Young Reader’s Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet
Shakespeare’s Theatre
How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare
The Young Person’s Guide to Shakespeare: [Book-and-CD Set]