The Weekend (in photos)

Last weekend, the kids and I went north to throw a bridal shower for my little sister, and to visit my family. I’ll just post a few pictures, as I’m short on time today.

My super-cute little sister at her bridal shower. I can’t believe she’s getting married!

Tulip playing in the room my mom redecorated as a camp-themed playroom. Isn’t this fun?! She had an artist paint the wall, and then added 3-D touches. There’s a ‘treehouse’ that serves as a playhouse or a reading nook- that’s where Tulip’s hanging out in the picture below:

Primrose riding with Great-Grandpa Curly in his big white truck. Oh, how I remember loving that myself.

Nothing makes Primrose happier than helping in the kitchen. She helped me and Nana Dee make mints for Auntie’s wedding, and then shaped burger patties for dinner.

Snapdragon and Grandpa, eating nuts and watching the ball game:

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