Weekend Doings & Sweet Baby Cheeks

Been quiet here on the blog. It is much harder to blog with babe in arms than without. Who wants to put the babe down in exchange for a keyboard and screen? I’m just sayin’.

Quiet on the blog, perhaps, but not quiet around the house. We’ve had visitors! Little Miss Posy has been meeting grandparents this weekend. My mom is still here, and ohmygoodnessgracious she is a humongous help to me. I don’t want her to leave, pretty much ever. My house is cleaner than it has been in months, and my big kids are getting lots of love and attention. That is a priceless gift, I think.

My  mom (we look a lot alike, yes?). Everything runs smoothly when she’s here.
Meeting Grandpa Bear…
and Grandma Dee

Endless games of Uno and Jenga ensued this weekend. My big kids ate up all that time and attention. It was so good for them.

Posy is a pretty laid-back baby (well, until about 8 or 9 pm- then she starts up with her fussy time, but it doesn’t last too long and I promise I’m not complaining). She sleeps better than my other babies did, and she eats as though every meal is her last. No joke, the girl was 9 lbs, 5 oz at her 2-week appointment. That’s up one entire pound when we were just aiming for her to regain her birthweight. :) She puts it all in her cheeks and her thighs. And those chins. Mmmm, those chins.

Yes, I do love me a sweet fat baby. :)

Posy got some time in with her godmother, too. There’ll be lots more of that in the coming years, I’m sure. :)

Oh yes, and time with her Daddy. Because a little girl can never get too much of her daddy.

(Her favorite way to be held)

By the way, Ann-Marie guessed Posy’s exact birthdate. She was the only reader brave enough to choose a day after my due date. Primrose said it wasn’t fair, since I pretty much forbid you all from doing so (okay, so I wasn’t the most patient pregnant lady ever). But bravery pays, apparently. ;) I’m sending Ann-Marie a copy of A Little Way of Homeschooling this week- she chose from my big list of last year’s reads.

That’s all for now. My mom and I have a plan to get Posy’s baptismal gown and maybe some Easter clothes for the kids today.  My sweet miracle baby, born Ash Wednesday, will be baptized on Easter. Perfect? I think so.

Have a lovely week, my friends.

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  1. says

    It looks like you are all having such a wonderful visit! She is just so precious and bringing such love to your family. Alot of loveliness in your home these days! I love that she was born on Ash Wednesday and being baptized on Easter. She is doubly blessed. I don’t know if I am brave, lol, but I could not venture any other guess for Posy’s birth since my youngest blessing was born on that day :D
    Thank you so much for the kindness, Sarah.

  2. says

    She is adorable! I found your blog through a link on Here in the Lovely Woods and am so glad I did. My childhood was spent in E. WA, and we’re just dipping our toes into homeschooling here at my house. Such a pleasure to browse through your blog. Enjoy the baby snuggles!

  3. says

    Love all of those pictures. What a cutie she is. Love the pics with each of the grandparents, but I think the one of the pucker and chins is my favorite.

  4. Anonymous says

    She is beautiful!! Chrissy’s little Gabrielle (4 days older than Posy) is just 7lbs 2ozs…..just a little peanut, but also eating round the clock!! My Best, Cindy

  5. says

    What a cutie pie! Kiss those checks and drink her all in while it lasts! What a blessing to have this sweet baby time again. Makes me want one! Bad!

  6. says

    Hey.. awesome pictures. My baby loves the “football hold”, too. And my last baby was on Ash Wednesday. Kind of fun to have a baby on a penitential day, don’t you think?