VBS Week Daybook

Outside my window…
sunny and warm.
I am thankful…
for a week of mornings to myself. While my kids are making crafts, hearing stories, and singing songs at VBS, I’m spending time to myself- running errands and having some quiet down time. Is this what it feels like to send your kids to school?
Huh… ;)
I am thinking about…
time online- how much, how often, and whereabouts. I’m taking Elizabeth’s experience very, very seriously. I do not want to waste precious time and come to regret it fifteen years down the road. My children are only small once. This day is only mine but for a fleeting moment. I intend to live it well.

Learning all the time…
VBS, piano lessons, swimming lessons and read-alouds.
Tulip re-created an entire VBS skit at home. She spent hours building a sailboat out of sticks, paper, and tape. She cut an ocean out of blue paper. She made an anchor and used a message in a glass bottle. As we were watching her skit last night, it occured to me that Reggio and project-based learning does not need to be scheduled in to the day, and it does not need to be the central focus of our homeschool. If we allow our children time to explore their world and provide the materials to do so, it will happen, quite naturally, on its own. So as I look to the school year ahead, I’m remembering to schedule schoolwork in the the mornings that can be completed by lunch.

Afternoons belong to the children.
From the kitchen…
We’re eating whatever’s left in the fridge- got to clean it out before we leave on our trip!
I am creating…
packing lists. This weekend we head over the mountains to celebrate a family wedding. Four of us are in the wedding party. Then we’ll spend the next couple of weeks visiting with family and friends.
I am working on…
my prayer life, with help from In Conversation with God.
I am going…
to forget housework and school plans and the daily grind for the next two weeks straight. We’re going out of town, and so my singular aim is to love on the people in my life.
I am reading…
Kristin Lavransdatter
And re-reading A Charlotte Mason Companion (one of my very favorites)

I am praying…
for a dear friend’s intentions.

I am hearing…
utter silence. All the kids are at VBS. It’s just me and my iced coffee. :)
Around the house…
Things are pretty spit-spot, overall. Andy rearranged the furniture in our room and now it looks especially cozy- I love it!

One of my favorite things…
VBS week, I’m thinkin‘. :) I’m not used to having this much time to myself. It’s been a welcome treat!

A few plans for the rest of the week…
Swimming and piano lessons, and then we head over the mountains. My internet access will be spotty at best for the next couple of weeks, so… I’ll see you when I see you!
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

Fresh-picked strawberries from Greenbluff.

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  1. says

    Have a wonderful, wonderful trip! I am so very glad that we had time together this week…for an afternoon, and those moments between dropping off little children at Church :)

  2. says

    Have fun at the wedding!

    I quite agree about the “done by lunch” plan, especially since homeschoolers are so focused during those morning hours. I’m sure your year will be wonderful and mellow and energizing and rewarding. :)

    Be well Sarah!

  3. says

    It’s here! It’s here! I get to see you soon! YEAHOOOOO!******* Somebody hold me down.

    hmm… done by lunch? sounds amazing. sounds impossible. sounds blissful. wonder if i can get away with that at school… ;)

  4. says

    Enjoy your quiet (oh, I can’t even imagine) and your trip. I almost picked Charlotte Mason Companion off the shelf two nights ago. Ended up pulling Real Learning instead. :) Then Wholehearted Child came in the mail (thank you) so I have been alternating between the two.

  5. says

    I knew I did something wrong. Ha! This is the first year all 3 of my kids can go to VBS and at 34 weeks pregnant you would think I would have dodged the “volunteer sign up sheet” but noooooo, it never occurred to me that I could have every morning next week to myself. (head smack here) Sometimes I should really stop thinking like a homeschooling parent and hand some “teaching” off to someone else. Oh well, Bean probably wouldn’t have stayed in the preschool group without me anyway. Glad you are enjoying your peaceful mornings.