A Thirst for Order and Beauty :: Weekends with Chesterton

“Women have a thirst for order and beauty as for something physical; there is a strange female power of hating ugliness and waste as good men can only hate sin and bad men virtue.”

We moved.(Now picture me flat on my back, half-dead on the floor.)

That was exhausting! Who moves a couple of streets up? With six kids? While twins are cutting five teeth… each? Who does that? Well, we do, I guess. And all because I was desperate for a flat fenced backyard for my littles.

There will be pictures, but not quite yet. I’m trying to quench that thirst Chesterton speaks of- trying to bring order and beauty out of chaos and ruin.

My sweet friend Mystie sent me the most encouraging texts during all the hub-bub. There I was with too much to do, boxes to pack and move, a house to clean and spackle and shine, a couple of teething babies, an utterly confused and therefore needy toddler, and I would think, “WHY did I think this was a good idea? This is madness!”

And then she would text to tell me that bringing order out of chaos is God’s work- the kind of creative work that harkens back to Genesis 1 and that I was (and still am) living out in a very real and tangible way.

Everyone needs to get text messages like those during a move, I think. :)
Weekends with Chesterton: cultivating the intellectual lifeAnyway, I’m off to get a box or two unpacked while the twins are napping.

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  1. Alison says

    Oooo, love this quote! It rings so true for me too with three little ones and a fourth on the way – I am desperately craving simplicity and order and beauty in our home and have been on a mission to organize that can only be explained by the deep intrinsic need Chesterton speaks of here. Thank you for sharing :) and I LOVED your first podcast with Andrew Peduwa (his daughter is a dear friend and household sister of mine from our days at Franciscan so it is even more fun to listen and know this wise, good man is her dad).

  2. says

    No matter the age (excepting the under-21 crowd), I think if you are a woman, you crave order. Even those who don’t manage it, crave it at some level.

    Hoping you get some order soon, even if it’s just your own little corner. :-)

  3. says

    I love that quote. I struggle with the discipline involved in creating order, but I know I definitely crave it. Must.develop.virtue. :)

    As for moving, etc and “who does that?” I just want to say that people do all kinds of things that seem crazy when they’re inspired- especially by love for their children. For what its worth, I think its awesome.
    Tamara @ So Much Forever recently posted…Alleluia! He is Risen!My Profile

  4. says

    Sarah, congrats on your move! I love this quote! And, needed it! We’re a month in over here with our recent move and there are so many things I’d like to do still! I yearn for the beauty and order. I do feel it. Just, decorating has never been my forte. But, in that there’s a yearn I do still feel the need so am hopeful with some budgeting and planning (not great about planning either lol) I’ll be able to bring more beauty into a home that has just been hugging us sweetly since our first night.
    Amanda @ Erring on the Side of Love recently posted…7QT: Banana suit entry, Edel, Mass, & SleepMy Profile

  5. M. E. says

    Happiness is not only a hope, but also in some strange manner a memory … we are all kings in exile. – G K C

    Wishing you and yours the hope of happy times in your new home as much as the memory of happy times in your old one! Congratulations on your successful move :)

  6. Milene says

    Congratulations on the new home! Oh, how I dreamed it also an enclosed patio and flat so my kids can play and run safely. I’m happy for you, Sarah! May God bless them in their new abode. Big hug, dear :)

      • says

        WordPress puts images there automatically (unless you change yours to a picture of yourself). I could make them designs rather than monsters, but I kind of think the monsters are cute. :)

        • Milene says

          Yes, yes! It was just my curiosity even. At least his image comes to Posy leave most beautiful comments :)

          big hug

  7. Monica says

    That Chesterton quote is very astute!

    The closest I’ve come to moving with 6 is moving with 4, one of whom was almost a year old. I tend to forget the difficulties of moving — at least, I remember that it’s hard, but then I get down to the details and remember just HOW hard it is. Yuck. Embracing a very Franciscan lifestyle never looks so good as when one is trying to move all one’s family’s worldly goods! Our last move (with 4) was to a house that should hold us for a good long time (even with additional kids) with a yard big enough for gardening and play and a big driveway for biking, so I’m hoping that our next move is decades from now when my husband and I decide to downsize after kids have moved out…

    God bless your move recovery and unpacking!

  8. says

    That is one of my favorite quotes by GKC – I suppose partly because I can remember the gist of it, and also because it presents a view of women that makes me feel good. Truly, doesn’t it seem that Chesterton believes in us? He is always talking about us as we ought to be, as in our deepest heart of hearts we want to be….and he makes me want to strive toward that vision.

    So happy for you to have begun settling in to your new house. God bless you all, and give you peace.