Spring Daybook

Outside my window…


I am thankful for…

Eleven years of marriage. We celebrated last weekend- no babysitter or date night out this year; instead, we opted to honor the milestone altogether. There was steak and grilled asparagus, mashed potatoes and a beautiful fruit salad. There was dinnertime conversation. There was giggling. It was fun. It seemed fitting to honor the day as a family- it was, after all, a celebration of the day our family came to be.
Then, after the kids were in bed, there was fancy cheese and smoked salmon and a game of Settlers. Perfect.

I am thinking about…

blogging and the internet and how much time it seems to take these days to have an “online presence.” I don’t know that I want much of an online presence. I like it here, at my blog, and I like it a few other places, too (your blogs, Pinterest, and then all those great photography sites I can’t learn fast enough from). I’m not really willing to throw in much time to the screen these days, though. Not when there is so much living and loving to do with my family. Not when time is fleeting, and I know that these are sweet beautiful days I will never get back. Anyway, I’m pondering balance and the “where” and “how much” of it all.

In the Schoolroom…

We’re wrapping up our year. I’d like to make a final booklist for each child that summarizes what was accomplished over the year. It’s always so satisfying to see it in print. :) We’ll take a few weeks for summer break in June and then get started with the new school year in July.

From the kitchen…

Nothing fancy. I think I’ve made scrambled eggs twice a week for the last month. Primrose is about to start an uprising. ;)

I am creating…

summer plans. I made camping reservations today (happy sigh).

I am working on…

going to bed earlier. It’s ridiculous to stay up late when the baby is sleeping.

I am going…

to keep creating space and time for lovely, quiet evenings. After baths, the kids and I gather in the living room. They work quietly and I read for 30 or 45 minutes from Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh. The baby nurses to sleep on my lap. It’s slow and lovely and a perfect way to wind down the day.

Clicking Around…

Domino’s announced a GF pizza crust.
Just in time for mother’s day, here’s some inspiration and encouragement for what it means to really mother (the key, my friends, is to pluck): from Kim and from Ann. Lovely, both.

I am reading…

(Left Neglected by Lisa Genova was fabulous. I highly recommend it.)
I’m still reading Beyond Snapshots by Rachel DeVine & Peta Mazey- it’s good.
Mockingjay– I really liked the first two in the trilogy, but this one is much harder to get into.

I am praying for…

an email friend. Tiffany’s baby. Meghan.

I am hearing…

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie in the car with the kids, narrated by Jim Dale. Have you heard Jim Dale narrate before? Oh, he’s just awesome to listen to.

Around the house…

I really need to tackle the weeds in the front flower beds. But who wants to weed when there are baby cheeks to kiss and stacks of books to read? sigh. I live such a difficult life, I know.

One of my favorite things…

Iced tea lemonade. ‘Tis the season, you know.

A few plans for the rest of the week…

Not much: schoolwork, dance class, mother’s day weekend. We might head to Greenbluff. Word on the street is they’ve got flowers.

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  1. says

    Oh my, I love that last photograph!! :-)

    I am glad I did not have internet when my dd was young. It’s so addictive, I fear I would have spoiled my experience of her childhood. On the other hand, it has proven invaluable for our homeschooling. Balance is the ideal – and yet so hard to achieve!

    Congratulations on your anniversary. Many blessings for the years to come.

  2. says

    Happy anniversary, Sarah. Sounds like you had such a lovely time celebrating with the whole family :-) How sweet that Tulip is reading to Posy! I love that book. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy Mother’s day! I promise you will be getting a little something in the mail very soon :-)

  3. says

    Such an array of loveliness surrounds you, and you take note of it all so well. Your evening reading time sounds like just my cup of tea ;-). Love the shadow picture as well as the one of your early literacy program (that is meant to be a joke, I know very well love is not a ‘program’). Do save the weeds until you’re an old lady like me, okay? They’ll still be there. And Happy Anniversary!

  4. says

    Lovely post. I am right there with you on so much of it. Especially that fleeting babyhood (and childhood too) and trying to find balance. That said, I’ve got some baby cheeks of my own to kiss. And a stack of books we are reading through. So I am going to unplug and love on my family :)

  5. says

    That fruit salad looked gorgeous! I wanted a bite right off the screen. Tulip appears to have posey’s rapt attention as she reads to her. What a treasure of a photo. Happy, happy 11th!

  6. says

    Wishing you a very happy anniversary, Sarah! I totally understand about the blogging prioritizing. Seems like there’s enough that has to be done at the computer (and away from it) without adding on hours of blogging. Sometimes you just have to step away and ENJOY your family. Which you do. Most evidently!

  7. says

    I’m with you on the blogging thing. But I’m actually trying to find time to make it happen. For the most part I confine my computer time to the early mornings before anybody is awake or in the evening. So…if I decide to sleep in until 7 then no blogging (reading or writing) happens.

    Love the chalk drawing! And your food photos are delicious! I want me some fruit salad.

  8. says

    I enjoyed this post and the pictures. Your tongue in cheek style is fetching! :) Thanks for bringing me a smile tonight with the sweet pictures (especially that last one!)

  9. says

    Your photos are more beautiful than ever! The chalk dress and shadow was my favorite. HAppy Anniversary and may God continue to bless your marriage.