Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace


We homeschooling mamas are anxious. We’re used to working dawn till dusk to make sure our children have everything they need. We create lesson plans, make booklists, and sign our kids up for endless activities, frantically checking off our lists and plans in an effort to make sure our children know everything they need to know before they fly our coop.

We worry. We fret. We know, deep down in the core of our being, that we are not enough. That what we offer is a pittance compared to the task before us.

We feel small and insignificant because we are small and insignificant.

In the midst of all the doing, we forget the needful thing. We may sit as His feet, we may begin our day with prayer, Bible reading and supplication-  but is our teaching and mothering transformed by it? Do we really trust Him? Do we live each day from a state of rest?

Teaching From Rest: A Homeschooler's Guide to Unshakable Peace

The eBook, Companion Journal, and Audio Companion are available now!

The eBook contains inspiration and practical tools to help you teach from a state of rest. There is also a printable Companion Journal as well as an Audio Companion- nearly four hours of conversations I’ve had with some of today’s most inspiring educational voices:  Andrew Kern, Dr. Christopher Perrin, Cindy Rollins, and Brandy Vencel.


What They’re Saying About the Book:

“If you read one book on homeschooling this summer, this book should be it.” Mystie Winckler

“I know- I know- that a lot of people are going to be blessed by this book.” Andrew Kern, CiRCE Institute
“This ebook… takes my breath away.” Elizabeth Foss

Teaching From Rest does not water down the value of academic pursuits. Rather scholé, the virtue of lingering in wonder as you learn and teach, adds depth and richness to education.”                Emily Woodham

“A spark that ignites a fire, a draught of cold water after a desert marathon, or a mighty kick in the pants…if you read well, you might very well find your life transformed.” Melody

“A must-read for any mother.”  Elizabeth Williams

As a mom who has graduated two daughters from our homeschool, I can say with confidence that living the kind of homeschooling — the kind of resting in God — that Sarah discusses has paid off enormously in our home. Teaching from Rest is an encouraging, humble, honest, and gentle book. It is a gem.”  Karen Edmiston

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