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Next, from the email box:

1. Where do you get your headbands?
I love this question, and I get it quite a bit. I’m always always happy to refer readers to the Precocious Etsy Shop. I’ve purchased five headbands from there, and I wear one almost every day. They do cost more than one you could get at the store, but they are actually two headbands in one (they reverse), and they hold up very well. I’m still wearing those that I bought a couple years ago, and like I said- I wear them almost daily! Primrose got her first one for Christmas, and she loves it- they are way more comfortable than traditional headbands.

2. I saw your history booklist, but I’m wondering what else you use for history curriculum?
If you’ve seen the reading list, you’ve pretty much seen our history curriculum. :) That list will be added to as the year progresses- I only add books after we read them. I started the year using a new history curriculum and quickly learned that it wasn’t worthwhile. We’re better off reading our way chronologically through American history. How do I pick my selections? Mostly I’m pulling from Sonlight‘s recommendations and Jessica’s excellent booklist. We’re not reading everything on those lists- we just read whatever we can get at the public library (note: I’m cheap). Mostly we read aloud all together. Occasionally I give Primrose an additional reading assignment, but the girl reads voraciously as it is, so it seems a little silly to assign her extra at this point.

We are putting together simple notebooks as we go along (I’m talking very simple- please do not think gorgeous scrapbooky notebooks with stickers and artwork, beautiful maps and such. Think as simple as it comes.). I pull activities once in a while from History Pockets books (so far we’ve used ideas from Native Americans, Plymouth Colony, and Colonial America). Sometimes I print off a notebook page or a map, if I can find a cheap or free one online (and if I’m energetic enough to look!). Often the kids will narrate to me what we just read, and I’ll either write it for them or type it out. Prim can write her own. They like to illustrate these narrations, and we’ve found a few Draw Write Now books helpful in that regard (especially books 2, 3, and 5).

We really don’t do many hands-on projects. When we do get around to something hands-on, I document it thoroughly. Sheila told me to do that. While looking over her kids’ (awesome) school notebooks from years past, I commented that they sure did a ton of projects! “Not really,” she said, “But if you take a lot of pictures, then it seems like they did, and you don’t feel so guilty about not doing them.” Sheila, needless to say, is my kind of homeschooler. ;)

Anyway, at the beginning of the year I did manage to make Wampum beads with the kids, and I made sure my camera was handy to document the novelty of the experience. I printed those pictures out and stuck them in their notebooks. When they grow up and lament my lack of hands-on-project-mamability, I will show them proof. We DID make clay beads. Once. ;)

The simplicity of our history studies cannot be overstated. For the most part, all we do is read and discuss. The kids learn a tremendous amount this way, especially when the books are interesting and engaging. We only add written work when we feel like it (read: when I feel like it, lol)- usually just a couple times per month.

Anyway, because I’m pretty sure you are still visualizing something far more beautiful and complex than what we actually do (I know how you are!), I’m going to show you four pages from Tulip’s book.



Nope- not a single fancy notebook page in sight. These are all just blank pieces of paper with pictures glued on, narrations recorded, or (in the third one down) a drawing Tulip copied right out of a Draw Write Now book and some information from our reading (narrated by her, written by me). Simple, simple, simple. No superstardom here, I promise! Our main focus is on the reading (because that’s where I think the learning is at, but also because it fits my teaching style best).

3. When are you going to have your baby?

Okay, fine- this obviously isn’t a question from my email, but I’m sure you’re all just dying to know, right?

No? That’s just me?

Well, we’ve made our guesses ’round these parts:

Andy: Feb 16th, between 2-3 am
Sarah: Feb 11th, 8-9 pm
Primrose: Feb 12th, 1-2 am
Tulip: Feb 15th,  2-3 am
Snapdragon: Feb 17th, 1-2 am

Clearly I am the most optimistic person in my family. What’s all this 2 am business about???

Wanna make your own guess? Leave me a comment and tell me what your guess is for our day of reckoning. After the baby is born, I’ll send a little somethin’ to whoever guessed closest– like, maybe… one of my favorite books from last year. Or something. (Hints: I’m due on Feb 17th; I’ve always delivered between 39-40 weeks, but I’ve never been late).

(Another hint: if you guess a day after my due date, I reserve the right to ban you from my blog. I’m just sayin’. I want me some baby, and I won’t tolerate anyone who says I have to wait much longer to have her.)   :)

4. What is the best way to make a gluten-free pregnant lady happy?
What, you don’t believe this was a real question, either? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway.

Here’s how you do it: knock on her door 10 days before her due date. Hand her a package containing various muffins, cookies, and a large bag of sandwich rolls- all homemade, all gluten free- and tell her to put them in the freezer for those first baby days. If you wanna really go overboard, slip a takeout menu and gift card to her favorite restaurant into there, too. She’ll squeal when she opens it, because that restaurant is right next door to the hospital, which pretty much guarantees good post-delivery eatin’.

You will make her day, I promise. (Thank you a million times over, Sheila! You are the best!)


And now that I’ve answered all of your deepest, most meaningful questions about life, love and motherhood, I’ll leave you to the rest of your day. See ya soon!

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  1. says

    Love your headbands! I look terrible in them, but you look gorgeous. Not fair!
    My guess is for Feb. 16th at precisely 7:57 a.m. How is that!

    Will be praying for you.

  2. says

    That is one thoughtful gift. What a beautiful friend. Yep, our history looks about the same — minus the notebooks. I need to find a way to interest them in that. Read and discuss. Though Olivia did ask to do natural dyes after reading about it in the colonial life book TWO WEEKS AGO. I bought purple cabbage but have gotten no farther. My guess Feb. 14 at 11AM. You will go into labor at 2 AM. :-D

  3. says

    blogger always messes up comments!!!!!

    Just wanted to add that you look exactly like Primrose in your latest pregnant pose. Very cute photo.

    And sorry for taking up so much of your precious comment space. :)

  4. says

    Oh, my, I don’t think I can play this game! Something in me won’t let me! But I am praying, Sarah. When someone I know is in crisis, or in need, or on the verge of something big, or otherwise in need of prayer, I assign one of the little tasks in my house as a prayer reminder. Two friends have recently lost husbands, so I pray for L. when I turn a light switch on or off, and I pray for S. whenever I handle the keypad of my house alarm system. You, dear Sarah, are getting the knobs on the stove. So that means you’re getting a lot of prayers from now until I hear baby is safely swaddled in your arms. God bless you, Sarah. And those headbands are cute.

    • says

      Oh my goodness, Jeannine- thank you! (And what a great idea to pray for certain intentions as you go about those normal everyday tasks- that’s one I’m going to have to start doing myself; I love it.)

    • says

      I have to say that is one of the most amazing ways to remember others while doing our daily “stuff”!!! And how fitting that Sarah’s bun in the oven will get special prayers when Jeannine uses her stove!!!

    • says

      I LOVE that way of remembering to pray for people and their specific needs. It iwll be especially helpful to someone my age, whose memory is not what it used to be. Thanks for sharing that jeanine!:)

  5. Lindsay says

    I’m never good at these things, but what’s the harm in guessing right?!?! ….and if you’re offering a prize then I really have to guess! ;) I’m going to say the 13th, 10:30am….though Valentine’s Day is quite popular. :) Prayers for you for that elusive “peaceful and easy” labor! Blessings!

  6. Lindsay says

    …back to say thanks for the link to those headbands. I have a little lady around here who loves to wear headbands and I’m thinking one of those will be a perfect birthday gift!

  7. says

    My girls and I also wear those headbands and LOVE them! You look fantastic! Hang in there. You are so close! Praying for you these last days.
    February 14, 3:10pm
    God bless,

  8. says

    Valentine’s Day. Sunrise. Maybe sunset, but I think sunrise is closer to right.

    I know these things. Trust me.


    Whenever she arrives, we’ll all be cheering her arrival!

  9. says

    Love that wonderful gift you received!!! :)

    Okay, my official guess for this baby girl we are all dying to hear about…

    I know two people born on Feb 14 and they both say it is a pain to share your day with Valentines…so, I think I will let you enjoy that day at home with your family and gear up the day after! Since your labors are long (although this is going to be #4…you might be surprised!!!) let’s say –

    Feb 16, 12:30 am

    By the way, I have a video I took looking down at my belly bopping around just a little before my last daughter was born. I LOVE looking at that video now, 4 years later. If you don’t have something like that, I highly recommend it. Mine is at


  10. says

    I choose February 16th at 8pm. My first son arrived on February 15th at 2pm and the second arrived one year later on February 17th at 9am. Talk about deja vu! I even had some of the same nurses! Anyway, I picked the 16th cuz it’s on e day early for you and between my boys’ bdays. Blessings!

  11. Kara says

    I’m going to guess your sweet baby girl will arrive on February 15 around 6-7 pm. Absolutely looking forward to seeing some pics of sweet baby with her siblings. :)

  12. says

    I’m going to guess Feb 11 5-6pm. That will put you at a week before your due date, no middle of the night stuff and hopefully a labor that starts after a good night sleep! And I’m hoping that’s when I go and we’ll both have our babies at the same time! Plus, that’s the wonderful feast of Our Lady of Lourdes! And, I agree…that is such a wonderful gift from your friend! She can stop by here anytime :-)

  13. says

    You look adorable, Sarah!
    My youngest was due on 2/17 and he was born on 2/22 at 6:17 a.m. So I am going to say February 22nd :-)
    You are in my thoughts and prayers sweet lady. God Bless!

  14. says

    You are so cute pregnant!! Sometimes I miss having that giant belly. I always went into labor very close to my due date (excepting the twins who were 3 weeks early, but that was WAY longer than they expected my tiny body to carry twins!). My oldest was 2 days after my due date, and my youngest was the day before. So if you’re due on the 17th, I’m guessing you’ll go into labor on the 16th. And none of the middle of the night business either, lol. Go into labor at a reasonable time in the morning and have the baby by the late afternoon, say 3pm. I will keep you in my prayers! :)

  15. says

    Almost there! Today is a good day – it’s my son’s birthday, but if you’re still not at the hospital, I’ll guess Feb. 13, 2- 4 p.m. =)

  16. says

    Sarah, my guess for you is Feb 14th, between 10 and 11pm. I think you may get your bundle of love on the LOVE DAY, and in the evening when it is not too too late seems, well, just like a baby:) making you wonder if you won’t see her til the next day!
    I would love some prayers for a challenge I have taken on, an exciting challenge, for the blessing of others, and for our family!

    Thanks for your suffering – it is hard to say who gets the better deal – us or you. Graces or a baby…well I think you win! Don’t babies come with grace anyhow?
    Love your hair-pretties!


  17. says

    Hmmm, let’s see. I have to look in our calendar and see if there are any dates in February that don’t already have someone’s birthday or anniversary already booked. Let’s see…how about Friday the 17th at Noon?