Free Printables to Help You Teach from Rest

If you’re anything like me, the first day of school spins you into a tizzy. You make plans, gather materials, and leap in only to feel like the whole project is impossible and you should probably quit now, before your ruin your child for life (or at least his 4th grade year).

The first day is always something of a mess. At least it is for me.

We have such high expectations for our homeschools. Big hopes. Visions of field trips and read-alouds, pretty notebook pages, engaging discussions. We launch into a new year with equal parts optimism and terror because the task before is is greater than we are, and we know it. We’re exhausted and we haven’t even gotten going yet.

We are weary because we forget about grace. We act as though God showing up is the miracle. But guess what? God showing up is the given. Grace is a fact.

Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace

I forget that. A lot. I thought I could use a pretty something to remind me, so I made some printables to do just that. You can have them, too, if you’d like.

Click the images to download and print them. Use them however’d you like. I slipped the full page image into the front of my binder and the bookmarks into the teacher guides of our math books. I’m determined to find grace there and I’m confident it can be found. I just need the reminder every five minutes so often.

Printable Bookmarks

Printable bookmarks to help you teach from rest

Printable notebook cover/anywhere art

Printable notebook cover or wall art to help you teach from rest

You’ve all been just amazingly kind in your affirmation about the book– it even made Amazon Best Seller status in the homeschooling category, which is all kinds of fun. Haven’t gotten yours yet? Get it here.

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  1. Elizabeth says

    Thank you for these! I’m getting a little Teaching From Rest book club started next week with our homeschool group. I’ll print these out to give to all the moms!