Choir Concert

The girls sang in their very first choir concert on Thursday! We have really enjoyed participating in the Homeschool Chorus. The director really stresses that everyone should be able to sing their heart out, and that above all, singing should be fun. Anyone who wants one can have a solo- and both of the girls wanted one.


She did so great- we are so proud of her! Tulip’s solo is below. She sort of took over the microphone and sang for quite a bit longer than she was supposed to. That’s Tulip for ya’- she does things her own way. ;) What a cutie pie, eh?

And I just have to share one last video, because it seriously cracks me up. The choir director told the kids to “smile really, really big.” And, oh, Tulip does. :) (sorry for the shaky camera; I was laughing)

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    I just saw a link to this post at the bottom of another one of yours, and this was just awesome (yes, I see it was 4 years ago!)–and hilarious–your little one had me laughing out loud in that last video. Your older daughter sings like an angel! My daughter sings in a choir and it is one of my greatest sources of earthly joy–hearing those kids sing! This year they’re preparing for a tour of Spain, and they’re putting together a repertoire of 25 sacred/classical music songs to sing in the beautiful old cathedrals there–where the voices echo like angels! Lux Eterna, Sanctus, Misa Brevis, Ave Maria, Gloria in Excelis Deo, Deo Gracias, Psalm 150… oh how I love hearing children’s voices sing to God! Watching these made my day, by the way.