Preoccupied With Cuteness

Aunt Haylie is here! And of course she brought along her little bundle of cuteness, so we’re all just a bit preoccupied.

I mean, really- if this little face showed up in your living room? Could you possibly focus on anything else in the world?

Everyone is taken up with Baby Boy. Primrose, certainly (no surprise there- the girl is a walking baby magnet).

Tulip had discovered that dressing babies in playsilks is an especially satisfying experience. Aunt Haylie mentioned that perhaps it is a good thing we are having a girl. :)

But Snap is the one who is most smitten with Baby. And that? Makes my heart go pitter-pat about a million miles a minute.

He thinks we should take Baby out for ice cream today.

That’s a nice thought, but babies don’t really eat ice cream,” I tell him.

Oh,” he replies, “Then what do they eat for dessert?”

Mama’s milk.”

He pauses a moment, considering this. “So every time he’s hungry, his mom gives him dessert?” He shrugs. “I guess she’s a pretty nice mom, then.”

Yep. Pretty nice. :)

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  1. says

    Your photos are, like, magazine quality these days. Maybe if I am really happy for you I will stop turning so green every time I click to your blog.

    You are so blessed to be hosting this baby and his mamma! What a great time for everyone!

  2. says

    Joe & I are still cracking up over what Drew said about the ice cream, momma’s milk and deesert! That was priceless! So great to see Baby on his tummy and happy at the same time! That doesn’t happen often here. Hasn’t been a big fan of tummy time. Must be because he has his super cousin right there to be with him and entertain him. All of the older cousins look thoroughly entranced and happy. They are so going to love having a younger sibling soon! Kudos to Tulip for her “baby Make-over”:) Bet Primrose in her her element right now, cooking with auntie and spending lots of time doting over baby. LOVED the pictures.

  3. says

    OH. I cannot WAIT till Thanksgiving when WE get this bundle of adorable-baby-boy-drooly-rolly-sweetness. He is magical. Funny – looks like he’s snapping the picture of himself in that one with his right arm partly up.

    Auntie looks so good. So happy. So soft and mothery. So balanced. Can’t wait to get my arms around my own baby sister too!

    (BTW – could SNap’s expression be ANY cuter than that last pic????)

  4. says

    Awww….now I’ve got to go and find a baby to hold….quick! Your little niece is adorable. Your kids look like they’re really going to enjoy having a new baby sister around. : )