Pinning It Down {6} Valentine Fun

This is the sixth edition of Pinning It Down and Pam’s hosting, so make sure you stop over, link up, and check out all the week’s submissions.

First up: a simple tissue paper heart decoration. The girls each made a heart and then we taped them together back-to-back to make a 3D hanging. It turned out cute!

Wait a second. What’s that heart hanging from? Is that a…a….a chandelier? A clean and sparkly chandelier? Could it be???

Oh my, yes. And how bee-yooooo-tiful that clean chandelier is, too! Not a speck of dust to be seen. ;) (A nesting pregnant lady is not be contended with. I wanted to clean that chandelier so badly I couldn’t see straight. So I did. I refuse to tell you how I ended up retrieving the glass, though. My husband reads here, and I might get in a wee bit of trouble if I admit to climbing on the table in all of my very-pregnant-glory.)

(Oops. Too late.)

Be still my nesting pregnant heart. I could stare at that dust-free light fixture all day.

(I should probably tell you that I went on to clean every other light fixture on the main floor of the house, but then you might think I’m crazy, so I’ll keep that part to myself.)

(Oops. -sigh-  I never was very good at keeping secrets.)

What were we talking about? Oh right- pins! Okay, so I also pinned a valentine candy math activity. This was one of those things that I thought was a splendid idea. My kids? Very under-impressed. I think they can tell when I’m trying to entertain them into learning. They’d probably prefer to eat candy while doing a regular math page rather than doing a math-page-dressed-up-as-fun-just-because-it-entails-candy. They can smell edu-tainment a mile away, and they are never impressed by it.

Anyway, they played along, mostly because I was cajoling them by saying things like, “But this is for Pinning it Down! You’ve got to do it so I have something to blog about!” You see that I have my priorities in order.

We also tried our hand at these Raspberry Swirl Gluten-Free Valentine Cupcakes. The batter was so runny, Prim and I had our doubts that they would turn out- but they did! Tulip decorated them, and they were scrumptious.

And finally, remember that love message board I made Andy for my first Pinning It Down project? I decided they would make lovely Valentine’s Day gifts for the kids, too. I can put them on their dressers and leave them a little note every so often.

I thrifted each of these frames and got the scrapbook paper on sale, so it ended up being a cheap cheap cheap gift.

Make sure you check out what everyone else is pinning down this week!

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  1. says

    Woman! You are 39 weeks pregnant and putting us all to shame with everything you are pinning down here. Love them all. My kids were totally underwhelmed by the math activity too. Mostly they just loved eating the hearts. NO MORE CLIMBING! Don’t make me come out there.

    • says

      Ha! It’s just that I have nothing else to do since I cleared my calendar to, you know… have a baby. But baby doesn’t feel like being had. So.


  2. says

    Okay you are so totally suppose to be having that baby bug right now (my time guess was 8-9am) come on baby! HAHA Great job and love those message boards!

  3. says

    I’m exactly the same way, Sarah! I would have climbed on that table too, if I couldn’t get someone else to do it for me. Your chandelier looks beautiful! Love all the crafts you have been making too!! Now, go have that baby!!!

  4. says

    I love the tissue paper heart decoration. Maybe I can get the girls to make one for me later and get the boys to clean the chandelier! A two in one gift!!! Oh, and thanks for linking to the sweetheart math page. BigBoy LOVED it this morning! I haven’t seen him this excited about math since I let him use M&M’s for addition and subtraction.

  5. says

    oh. I could stare at that clean chandelier all day too! I’m a sucker for clean glass lighting fixtures. Doesn’t it change the whole ROOOM? :)

    Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxoxox

    (p.s. love the new header & color combo of your blog)

  6. says

    Sarah, these are lovely. I know you say you’re not a supermom, but any woman as pregnant as you are, who has the wherewithal to do not one, but FOUR Valentine projects is super in my book!

    Keeping the prayers coming…