Pinning it Down {4} Maternity Photos

We’re Pinning it Down at Pam’s today, so make sure you head over to play along!


One of my more useful pinboards is the one I call Photography Inspiration. This is where I bookmark articles and tutorials that I’d like to read as well as photos that inspire me. I’ve seen a lot of couple maternity poses lately, so this last weekend I dragged Andy out into the winter chill to see if we could snap some of our own.

The first problem, of course, is that we didn’t have a professional photographer to bring along with us. No worries! My oldest daughter is a wonder-child. :) I set the camera up on a tripod, composed the shot as best I could, and put her on shutter-clicking duty. I was mostly happy with our results. I did make a few mental notes (like: don’t stop down so low! your photos are blurry!) and I think I could do a better job setting up the camera next time.
The second problem is that I don’t look pregnant enough in these photos. I like to look HUGE, you know, so I wish I had picked a different color top. Who wants a slimming dark color when they’re 9 months pregnant? Not me, thank you! ;)

Oh, right. We did get a little carried away. Sometimes we have a hard time taking ourselves seriously.

And it totally looks like he’s taking me down in this last one, but I promise you he didn’t. I, however, think this is the best picture of my bump out of the whole lot of them. And the view of Andy ain’t so bad, either. ;)

If we can keep this baby in the oven for another week or so, I may just have to dig up more maternity poses and talk Andy into taking some more shots. It was really fun!

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    Those photos are amazing. Great job getting everything set up so you could take them- what a great help your daughter was. I wish I had thought to capture such moments.

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    So cute Sarah! Watch out for those wonder child/ren :) I have one who hubby said to at age 9 “hey can video this for me” one time…and now she’s 16 and more than likely headed to film school after next year! Passions are fun to have and to share! And God be with you all these last days before little one appears – a fun time!

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    LOVE these. You are just so stinkin’ cute. And what a great little budding photographer. There is such a thing as a remote shutter button, but it doesn’t look like you need one.

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    Awesome pictures! I saw your pins one day and am so happy you shared the results with us!

    You look wonderful! So happy you captured this fleeting time!


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    Both of you look adorable. :-) Are you shooting these in black and white or are you turning them black and white during post processing. I’d like to start shooting in black and white.

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    Wonderful pictures. I love them all. I look forward to the day when my helpful oldest (one-and-a-half) can do more than carry objects from one room to another.

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    beautiful!! I have 1 picture of me pregnant and I had 8 babies!! you will be happy you have thee pictures.
    congrats to all of you!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

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    Ha! That last picture is my favorite too. These are all so cute. My eight year old son has turned out to be a good little photographer, as long as I set everything up for him first.

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    I shoot in color and make them b&w in post-processing. Right now I’m using Picnik, but that’s closing down (sob) so I’m not sure what I’ll use next.

    :) Sarah

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    My favorite is #4. You all did an awesome job. I’m inspired to take some of my own. And I will wear slimming black because even black doesn’t slim me in pregnancy.

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    These are great – you look beautiful! I remember doing this with my first and I WAS huge! People thought I was having twins, but I was just carrying a very large baby boy (11 lbs. 3 oz!)!!! Hope all goes well with your delivery.