Making it Count: Pressed Flower Lampshade

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Make your time online count!


This week’s project was all about Tulip. Several months ago, she and I were bee-bopping around the web and stumbled across some pressed flower pencil holders (I can’t remember where, but it doesn’t really matter because we didn’t make that project). Tulip oohed and aahed without restraint, and then we clicked away and sort of forgot about them.

Well, I forgot about them. Tulip most certainly didn’t. Her Hello Kitty lamp has been shadeless for the last two years, you see, and she realized that with a bit of Mod Podge and a selection of pressed flowers, she could make a very pretty replacement shade.

So she did.

She gathered flowers for pressing and set to work. Tulip is an extraordinarily patient child. (She doesn’t get that from me.) (But you knew that already, right?) Starting a project and then waiting 1/4 of a year to finish it is no problem for her. One thing she knows for certain: when it comes to the beloved flower press she received for her 5th birthday, good things come to those who wait.

(This photo was taken in January)

So, three months later… I found a plain white lampshade for $4.99 at a local discount store, we picked up some mod podge (for this project she used glossy to stick the flowers down and then sparkly to coat the whole thing). And Tulip did her thing.

I get out of the way when it comes to Tulip and art, or, for that matter, when it comes to Tulip and flowers.

She thinks of art the way the rest of us think of air- essential and life-giving on a daily basis. All I usually have to do is provide the materials. She’s got the rest covered (thank goodness).
And flowers? Well, she’s been our botanist-in-residence since she was toddling. I still remember her little four-year-old self gasping with pleasure at the first burst of spring yellow, “Mommy, look! Such pretty forsythia!”
Yep. This project pretty much sums up my sweet little Tulip in a single craft.

Do you see the fairy made of petals?

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  1. says

    Oh! That is so fabulous, I love it! I have a tulip-ish girl of my own that will love this,,,although mine is 15 now. Just you wait, it will happen to yours too!

  2. says

    Ooh Tulip! That lampshade is magnificent! I think that at $4.99 a pop, mom should pick up several more lampshades (and maybe other blank things that your spectacular imagination can muster). You could have your own table at the next church craft show (if your church does that sort of thing), and sell them for $10 or $12. They would make wonderful Christmas presents. You may just have your very own unique art businessready to share with the world:) I woild definitely be one of your best customers!

  3. says

    So…it wouldn’t be out of line to ask that when I need a little girl time in this house of boys that I just fly Tulip on out here? Right? She is just the sweetest but also most determined little girl. I love it!

  4. says

    Marvelous, Tulip…just marvelous. My oh my, when I look at that picture of you with your flower press I see your mother all over you. Nana (above) has a good idea, but the price is too low. Should be $12 – $15. And I have no doubt she would be one of your best customers! :):):) Grandpa Bear would also love to have one.
    With Love, GPBear

  5. says

    Wow! That is stunning! I look forward to her ETSY shop one day, I’m sure I’ll be buying all my most important gifts there. :)

    I’m waiting for an invite to join Pinterest, then I can play too!

  6. says

    I am so impressed with that lamp shade, and with Tulip! It is beautiful! :) I am not patient. I could stand to learn a thing or two from Tulip.

  7. says

    That. Is. GORGEOUS! I know what you mean about the flower press: ours tends to get used once in a blue moon and then the flowers languish, forgotten, in the press. But anyway, wait ’til I show my girls what she made!

  8. Lori B says

    What a beautiful job Tulip! My Shmoo is so much like you, and literally squealed when she saw your lampshade!

  9. says

    OH my goodness. My daughter would love to live with Tulip! She is 7 and has said on numerous occasions: “Why can’t we just do art for every subject, Mama?” What a beautiful job she did!

  10. Laura says

    That truly is beautiful, I’d love to have such a pretty lampshade. She now knows what to do if she’s short on cash ;)