Last Daybook Before Baby… (I hope?)

Outside my window…
Flocks of robins are passing through, and the sun is staying awake longer each day. It may take awhile yet, but winter is definitely on its way out.

I am thankful for…

friends who text me at exactly the right moment, and say exactly the right thing.

I am thinking about…
our baby, somewhat obsessively.

Learning all the time…
We’re a few weeks into our IEW materials (Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization, Primary Arts of Language, Teaching Writing: Structure & Style). So far, I love all of them. We’re about ready now to take a baby-break. School can wait! It’s time to shift our focus.

From the kitchen…
From my kitchen? Or Tomato Street’s? I’ve had some mad Alfredo cravings lately, and Tomato Street has a gluten-free menu worth singing about.

I am creating…

a little person. 

I am working on…
being nice. Because I’m really very tired, and it’s hard to be nice when you’re tired.

I am going…
to rest. I was planning on going for a hike today in hopes of starting labor, but a wiser mama than I has suggested that I’d be better off resting than hiking my way to the labor and delivery ward. I trust her.

I am hoping…
that labor starts soon. For three nights in a row, I’ve been contracting somewhat regularly for several hours. That’s gotta mean that I’m close, right?

I am reading…
The Wilder Life: My Adventures in the Lost World of Little House on the Prairie, which is good writing, though not especially interesting as far as content. I’m not riveted, but McClure’s writing style is witty and humorous, so I have no plans of putting it down anytime soon.

Also, I’ve finally updated and posted our reading lists.

I am praying for…
Your intentions. I’ve got a running list going, and I plan to plead Heaven on your behalf all through labor. Keep ’em coming. My labors are long- I’m going to need a lot more than I have so far! ;)

I am hearing…
quiet, heater, humidifier. I’ve taken to running the humidifier 24 hours a day in our main living space. We still aren’t accustomed to the crazy dry climate here in Eastern Washington.

Around the house…
Apparently, one can over-nest. Or so my husband tells me. It happened last weekend, when I asked him to please climb up on the table and retrieve the glass from the dinette chandelier so that I could wash it. The look on his face was very… telling.

“No,” he said, clearly resolved, “that’s going a bit far.”

Well I thought it was a perfectly reasonable request. I’m going to spend a lot of time sitting on our living room couch nursing, and that chandelier will be in prime view. It’s looking a bit dusty, so why shouldn’t I clean it? In fact, I must clean it. I must clean it right now.

He won. sigh. (This is a good thing. God gave me Andy to temper my irrational whims, especially when pregnant.)

I’ve resorted to tidying up virtual spaces, instead. I spent some time updating and cleaning up pages and posts and links here on the blog. Feels good. But that dusty chandelier is going to make me nuts, I’m sure of it. ;)

One of my favorite things…
Just Because We Can days. I wrote about our first one on my last daybook– basically, they’re days where we ditch school to do something better, just because we can. This time we went to Michael’s to buy some modeling clay, ate lunch at (where else?) Tomato Street, had ice cream, and then the kids spent the whole afternoon creating clay creatures. It was perfect.

A few plans for the rest of the week…
Have a baby! Maybe? I hope?

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

Oh! And by the way, if you come here Tuesday and can’t find the Pinning it Down link-up, just go to Pam’s. I’m hosting this week, but if I go into labor, then, well… I’ll be busy with more important things. :)

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  1. says

    Ah, the days and moments before the little one’s arrival. It really is quite difficult to focus on anything else isn’t it! I’m thinking I should’ve made you a little pink flag or something to put out when you head in to have your sweetie pie.

    SO EXCITING and SOON!!!!!!
    (That probably didn’t help you relax)

  2. says


    (and Andy rocks, as you know. Obviously. I can guarantee that while you are nursing Sweet Pea that you will NOT be staring at the chandelier) :) :) :)

    (and if you could add my Dad to your intentions list, I’d be grateful)

    I’ll be praying for you and Andy and all the little lovely wonders in your home below the age of 11!

  3. says

    Ah sweetie I wish I were closer. I would so come over and clean that chandelier for you. That is just the kind of thing that would drive me nuts too. Can not wait to see photos of you guys together.

  4. says

    I got a kick out of reading this post. I am due Valentine’s Day…3 days ahead of you. I am in the same boat. Every moment is spent wondering if today will be the day…will I wake up tonight in labor… I got the biggest kick out of the chandelier story. My husband is actually up on a ladder right now cleaning out our ceiling lights and the blades of all the ceiling fans! (They actually really, really needed to be done…and the lights were his idea!) Anyway, I’m thinking about you! I wonder who will go first, or maybe we’ll go on the same day!

    • says

      That’s really funny Christina. Send him here when he’s done so he can do my chandelier, would ya? :) I’ll be watching your blog to hear the news when your little one arrives.

  5. says

    Baby over pinterest?? Hmmm…priorities, Sarah, c’mon! ;) This sounds so much like my last post before Luke was born…it’s impossible to think about anything else! I would totally clean your light for you because I so get that. I try (sort of) hard not to notice things like that while I’m sitting and nursing but it’s those little things. You are so so so very close! Can’t wait to hear the news and I’ll have to think on some intentions for you! And if YOU need extra prayers when you know you’re in labor, let me know!

    • says

      Sure! Go into your blogger dashboard. Go to your blog “settings” and then to “comments”. Yours are currently set to “pop-up window”, but you’ll want to change that to “embedded”. That’s all you have to do. Then, when someone leaves a comment, there will automatically be a reply function right beneath their comment.

      Make sense?

    • says

      ah, thank you! It’s probably just me but I’ve found Blogger not so amateur-friendly but they also seem to change things around a bit so maybe it just wasn’t there last time I looked :) Thanks!

  6. says

    Would you please pray for my husband Brian’s conversion? We’d been evangelicals for 20+ years and then I had to go and swim the Tiber! :)

    I’ll be praying for a quick and easy L&D.

    Many Thanks!!

  7. says

    I’m going to take you up on your offer of prayer… my parents were walking across a street together when they were struck by a turning vehicle. My dad is in a coma – we are praying that my mom won’t have to make any difficult decisions. We are praying that dad either comes back fully, or goes peacefully into his final rest. Also that my mom will be completely healed from her pelvic fracture. We are all believers and simply want God’s will to be done. Thank you for praying with us!

  8. says

    Some intentions for your list . . .
    – for a friend (meaghan) healing who broke her ankle in two places, was rushed to specialist hospital and had two surgeries. is on bed rest for three months and has two little ones – not easy and emotionally difficult
    – for a friend (theresa) struggling to love and respect her husband
    – for my sister’s husband (ben) as he has a cancer screen coming up on the 15th
    – for my grandma (judy) as she’s just been told she has to transfer to a nursing home
    – for a family (bartels) who lost their son in a helicopter crash in Afganistan
    – for a family member in need of a spiritual shot in the arm
    – for my longest dearest friend (sarah) as she delivers her fourth baby
    Hope that gives you some other things for your list to think about and pray for. What an incredible idea. I love it. And love you. Awaiting the news . . .

  9. says

    I guess my first comment got sucked up into the cyber vortex…

    Please pray that Dan and I can have more children some day.

    I’m reading the Wilder Life too! Yup! I feel the same way you do about the book.

  10. Jennifer Rogers says

    Sarah, I love the Just Because We Can idea. I think it’s wonderful to acknowledge that this is possible because of the way we are living.

    As for the nesting, complete understanding here. We are waiting for our new home to become available, and I think my brother in law will be glad when these next two weeks are up. I was sick earlier in the week, and now all the things that went undone must be done now!

  11. says

    Thinking of you loads! since you’ve asked for prayer intentions, my lovely hubby has MS and my littlest man has totally unstable type one diabetes… if you get a chance to offer them up along with all the others, it would be appreciated!

    I bet though the good Lord will have the last laugh and this labour could instead be super short!!

    Elizabeth’s words very sage advice, you need to reserve your energy for the big day!!

    Love, hugs and prayers to you

    San xx

  12. Colleen says

    Hi Sarah,
    My name is Colleen and I appreciate your prayers for my husband, kids, and I as we are struggling through our 6th miscarriage. We are blessed with 5 healthy, beautiful kids, but would always love more. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers and I will do the same for you!

  13. says

    Praying for you and cub-to-be. Be sure to have Andy call us (anytime, day or night) to let us in on the arrival. Am getting a canopy put on my truck so we can haul over any of the items you want from Marissa. Needed a canopy anyway…right?

  14. says

    Beautiful, that you are going to pray your way through labor. I will be praying for you…

    And definitely get yourself something from your favorite restaurant…no need to cook now. Store up your energy, prepare, and enjoy these fleeting moments.

    And thank you for the plethora of read-aloud suggestions below!

  15. says

    I am thinking of and praying for you this week. What wonderful things are in store for you in the coming days! And I’m a little bit (lot!) jealous that you will soon be basking in the joy of a new baby…nothing in the world like that!!

    If you have some time for more prayer intentions, please include my little guy Jacob. He has severe autism and every day is a whole lot of struggle for him. We pray for science to make progress in a way that would significantly improve his life, and in the meantime for him to be able to advance his communication skills to the point where he can get his thoughts out and feel like we hear him and understand. I think he feels very isolated these days.

    Looking forward to hearing baby news from you…hang in there!! I had two babies who were 10 days past their due date so I know how this waiting feels!