The First Week of Winter Daybook

Outside my window…
It’s quite wet. That didn’t keep us from going caroling with friends over the weekend, though- we had a lot of fun! I wish I had pictures to post, but mine came out fuzzy and dark.
I am thankful for…
Christmas. And it’s finally here this week.

I am thinking about…
this excerpt from the introduction of The Gift of an Ordinary Day:

“Writing was a way to remind myself to savor the quiet pleasures of everyday life, to pay more attention to people than to things, and to allow my young sons the time and space to play, daydream, and begin to figure out for themselves who they were and what they cared about.”

Learning all the time…
Learning notes for week 13 are up.

From the kitchen…
I got all my grocery shopping done yesterday, and I’m hoping I didn’t forget anything- I can’t stand making last-minute runs to the grocery store during Christmas week. On the menu in the next few days: Chicken Curry on Rice, Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes, Spaghetti with Sweet Italian Sausage, and a few others that I can’t seem to remember just now. I’m also going to be making my friend Heather‘s awesome artichoke dip. Oh, how I love that artichoke dip!

I am creating…
beautiful walls. For whatever reason, I decided that the week before Christmas was the perfect time to paint the entire interior of my house. Yes, I have in fact lost my mind.

I’m enjoying it, for the most part- I tape and prep during the day, and paint after the kids are in bed. I’m making a lot of progress this way! All that’s left to do after the holidays are two bedrooms and the bathroom. All of the sudden getting ready for the upcoming move doesn’t seem quite as stressful as it did before.

I am going…
to take the kids to our parish’s Reconciliation Service tonight.
I am reading…
Homeschooling: A Family’s Journey by Gregory & Martine Millman.
The Gift of An Ordinary Day by Katrina Kenison. I’m about 90 pages in, and I’m really enjoying it- not quite as much as I enjoyed Mittenstrings for God, but… maybe that’s because I’m neither middle-aged nor the mother of teenagers. I do find Kenison’s writing style rather enchanting, though, so I’m gobbling it up anyway.

I am hoping…
to get my hands on this book before too long. (Because first Pam mentioned it to me, then I saw it quoted on Carrie’s blog, and on that very same day the ladies over at 4Real started talking about it. Now I’ve got to read it!)

I am praying…
for someone very dear to me who just got orders to Afghanistan. He’s already served three tours in Iraq. I wish they would have picked someone else.

For safe travels for Andy this week as he comes home to see us.
For a dear friend who is carrying an especially heavy cross during this season of life.

I am hearing…
The kids watching the Charlie Brown Christmas movie for the very first time.

Around the house…

Suffice it to say that one cannot paint her entire house and, at the same time, keep up with dishes, laundry, and general tidying. Enough said.

Heard this week…
Expressions of love while looking at a picture of Daddy:

Tulip: When I see this picture of Daddy, I want to give him a big hug and snuggle.
Me: Mmmm… yes, I know what you mean. That picture makes me want to kiss him!
Primrose: It makes me want to love on him, too.
Snapdragon: Well, it makes me want to wrestle. And get him hard right in the shoulder!

Girl, girl, girl, BOY. ;)
One of my favorite things…
Dairy Queen M&M Blizzards. We have a tradition in our family that every year on a person’s Baptism Day, he or she gets to pick an after-dinner dessert. Last night we ate blizzards in honor of Snapdragon’s Baptism four years ago. M&M Blizzards are perfect in every way. I love them.
A few plans for the rest of the week:
~Have a playdate with new friends.
~Finish wrapping gifts.
~Learn how to use the sewing machine Santa is going to leave for Primrose.
~Take a break from my painting frenzy.
~Pick up Andy from the airport. Kiss him. Lots. Then ignore the rest of the world for the two and half days he is here.

Here are some pictures I am sharing with you:

The Santa Train 2009

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  1. says

    Love the expressions of love-especially Snapdragons! It sounds like something B would say.
    Also, not sure if you’ll see my comment on the last post so (sorry to repeat myself)do you mind if I copy you on your Learning Notes?

  2. says

    If you’ve lost your mind, so have I. I just finished painting the entire lower level, the entryway, the laundry room, and the two-story open stairway. And I’m having the family over Thursday morning!