Empty Hours

It’s been a long time since we’ve had two whole days with no obligations. Aside from a shift at the library on Wednesday evening for me, we had no place to go and no one to entertain- except ourselves, that is. Ah, bliss.
Got the pumpkins planted.

Harvested the first round of radishes.

Read aloud.

Pulled four (or was it five?) wheelbarrows of weeds from the flowerbeds.

Picked the Irises blooming out back…

I started a new book– (and I’m already copying quotes into my journal; this is going to be a good one!)

And apparently, while I was at work on Wednesday evening, Tulip tried out her new blue lip gloss on her brother.

Oh my.

I also did a few loads of laundry, ironed all of Andy’s work shirts, and deep cleaned the bathroom. Not bad, eh? Turns out if you are actually home you can get a thing or two done. Who knew? ;)

Blessings on your Friday, friends!

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