Cupcakes, Twins, and Some Worthwhile Links

A few photos from our week:



Posy: “No pick-chee of me! No pick-chee!!!!!!”

Tulip was set on getting the boys twin puppies for their birthday. It was a good call- they loved them! :)

IMG_0682-5 IMG_0683-6 IMG_0686-7 IMG_0688-8 IMG_0704-10 IMG_0719-12 IMG_0733-13 IMG_0738-14

Some worthwhile clicking around the interwebs:

Mother as Student– If you haven’t seen the newest post by Irlene Mandrell er… Pam over at Scholé Sisters, you have got to go read it. That’s basically an order. :)

Poetic Knowledge as Curriculum– my latest post over there (which isn’t nearly as awesome as Pam’s, but we can’t all be that fantastic)

Principles and Passports: Giving Them Access to Our World– a great post by Jennifer at Expanding Wisdom

Good to Great: Teaching Literature from Grammar to Rhetoric– I can’t wait to listen to Dr. Taylor’s talk!

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  1. Elizabeth Williams says

    Beautiful photos, beautiful family! So glad I clicked over here today:) Thanks for all the links! At this point there are so many good things to read online I am not sure where to start!

  2. says

    I loved the post “Mother as Student” at Schole Sisters. It was so encouraging. All the posts there have been great! It’s funny, because the more I’m working on my plans for this upcoming year, the more I am realizing that we mesh much more with the classical approach than I thought. :)

    Thanks for posting the links. I’m looking forward to listening to “Good to Great: Teaching Literature from Grammar to Rhetoric”.

  3. Penny says

    Sweet in every way. Posy cracks me up. Love her spunk!

    Thanks for the links – I so relate to that Irlene business. I really do.

    In fact, everything over there has been a great read and thought provoking. I’m so glad you all created that space!

  4. Becky says

    You have such a lovely family! I can’t believe you all look so normal with one year old twins! I remember when my twins turned one – I was a wreck. Just lovely pictures. Your older daughters look like they are so helpful and kind with those babies.

    • Teresa says

      Yep! That is what I thought at first and I was thinking “who in their right mind would add puppies to the picture with 1 yr old twins”. Then I saw the puppies. Very cute and poopless!

  5. Marie G. says

    It’s hard to believe how fast the year has flown by! I’ve really enjoyed watching your two adorable little boys grow this last year :) Your whole family is so beautiful and you are such an inspiration. :)

  6. says

    Oh for Pete’s sake…there just ain’t enough cuteness going on there!! Please, step it up a bit!! ;)
    I LOVE this blog…and the Schole Sisters…even for this veteran mama of several who has traded early pregnancy nausea for hot flashes….you guys rock! Thanks for doing what I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time. Can we get matching tattoos saying, “Attention all homeschooling mamas…relax!!”
    Ok…never mind, I’m too uptight to do that.