Classical Homeschooling in Action

Of all four of the Scholé Sisters, I am probably the most… shall we say… relaxed. Perhaps it’s a personality thing, but I suspect that it is also due, at least in part, to necessity. All these babies! Going with the flow has become the way we handle our everyday, and not just because we intend for it to be so. In many cases, it’s because any other way would simply drown us.

I’m over at Scholé today, talking about what Classical homeschooling looks like in our home, fit to burst with babies and toddlers and all. :)



  1. Van says

    Hello Sarah,

    I have been reading your blog for about 5 years now.

    You are now involved in soooo many good things.

    I just wanted to RELUCTANTLY share a bit of encouragement. Please understand there is no judgement on my part.

    Many homeshool moms get involved with very good things — even very good homeschooling things.

    Those very good things begin to become more interesting and much easier to do than homeschooling itself.

    Sometimes, homeschooling stops in order to pursue those good things.

    Homeschooling may not be “until they all graduate” for all people. However, when and if homeschooling does come to an end, may it not be because we have pursued a better thing for the sake of our children.

    That is something I remind myself of everyday. Other things ARE easier!

    God’s blessings to you and your beautiful family. Thank God your husband is so supportive.

  2. Charlotta says

    Hi Sarah,

    Yes! Babies and toddlers and preschoolers and bigger boys. I have five boys and a girl, 11 (Orabound), 9 (Bright Heart), 7 (Thunder Blossom),5 (Swift Berry),3 (Golden),1 (Love Berry). I have such a love for the good, true and beautiful and want to much to impart all I can to my sweet little gang. I have to be so careful not to despair at times. I love my children and want to grab every moment to give them all I can. This morning at breakfast I read two poems to them and did some math flashcards (which they think is sooo fun, imagine). As I was reading I saw my two bigger boys giggling as they made faces in the metal water pitcher. Help! I persevered and read aloud a chapter in “A Dog Came Along” which they loved. Lunch wasn’t as successful. Baby Girl, Love Berry was ready for a nap so I didn”t get to read or share (or eat) anything with my wild olive shoots. I can get really sad and even anxious about these times when it seems literally impossible to impart very much at all. I have to talk to myself and remind myself that The Lord knows and does not expect more than daily faithfulness. I try and seek every opportunity, but maybe they just need to go play while I nurse my sweet baby girl and all will be well.
    How do you cope with the sometimes giant gulf between our high ideals and the reality that is played out in our busy every days?
    All I know to do is to keep praying and trying and believing. I would love to hear any thoughts.
    As hard as it is at times, I am enchanted with being a Mommy and would even welcome more babies if the Lord wills :)