7 Quick Takes (about Primrose and…other stuff)

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Primrose, the other day: Mom, I don’t know how your blog readers stand it.

Me (getting defensive)(because, what? I exaggerate too much?) (or use too many parentheses?): Stand what exactly?
Her, incredulously: I don’t know how they stand seeing all these pictures of Posy but never getting to kiss and hold her!
So that is our question for you- how DO you stand it?


This is probably one of those things that the rest of the world already knows but I only just figured out.

If you want the convenience of a lap-size whiteboard, you can slide a plain piece of cardstock into a page protector and use dry-erase markers on it. Of course we use dry-erase markers on page protectors all the time, but it only just occurred to me that I could use the same idea for a small, portable white board. Before sliding it into the page protector, I drew lines on one side of the cardstock. The other side I just left blank. Snap and I have been using this every day with Primary Arts of Language, and I keep it right in our P.A.L. basket. Handy, quick, cheap cheap cheap.


So… my (fabulous) (hunky) (totally sweet) husband joined in our comment-box conversation about my cloth diaper woes. Did you see? :) Oh yes. He is awesome. And I am totally selling my stash.


I don’t think I ever showed you this gift from Mother’s Day. It’s from Primrose.
You know what this is, right? It’s my very own I Love You Because Board. Prim said I was the only one in the family without, so she made me one. So, so sweet.


Speaking of sweet, I know I’ve bragged about her before, but the girl is just constantly outdoing herself. I’ve been a wee bit… overwhelmed lately (cough), and… (what Andy? You think that’s understating things?) Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes, Primrose. So anyway, the other night I threw pizza at the kids served Italian for dinner and then went to hibernate with the baby for a nursing. When I got back to the kitchen about a half hour later, the floor was swept, dishes clean, and the countertops and table were wiped. Oh, and she made brownies. Peanut butter chocolate brownies, which is pretty much awesome. Then (because like I said, she outdoes herself) she scooped the baby from my arms, changed her diaper and got her into pajamas.
Without being asked. Just because.


No, you cannot have her.


I’m going to do some serious begging here. For the love of my sanity, would my fellow bloggers PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE turn off the word verification on your comment boxes?
Look, I know. I get lots of spam, too. In Chinese. Daily. But I love you, see? I love you and so I put up with it and never make you do word verification (and besides, blogger does a dang good job of filtering out the spam for you- it shows up in your email, but not often on your blog).
This is all I’m saying:
1. There will be no word verification in Heaven.
2. Word verification stresses me to a degree that requires copious amounts of chocolate to remedy.
3. If you have word verification on your blog and I still leave you comments, know that I must really really like you. Because usually, as soon as that box comes up that tells me to type in letters I CAN’T EVEN BLASTED READ I ditch the whole comment-leaving effort and click away. I never get the sequence of letters right the first time, anyway, so I go do something more worthwhile. Like grumble about word verification codes. And eat chocolate.
That’s it. I’m done.
Happy Weekend! :)

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  1. Anonymous says

    How did you know I was going to ask for Primrose? Ugh, I am sure hermagical goodness would rub off on my kiddos, if I could only borrow her!
    And I so get how you hate the verification. I feel like such an idiot trying to figure out those darn words, and some even have two blasted words

  2. says

    Well do share with Primrose that what your blog readers can’t stand is that you have some an awesome dd like her and we don’t!! Oh wait I do:):) Aren’t daughters like this precious:) After reading ‘viper’s’ comment I now know why you two are so in love, you match totally!:):){}
    oh and no. 7 totally agree, I really have to love a blogger with word verification to leave a comment. and to add another, I really have to love a blog that doesn’t allow me to read their post in total on google reader/feedly etc to leave it in my reader, bothers me more than word veri actually.

    • says

      Oh yes- that annoys me, too. I think it’s done (mostly) for sponsorship purposes, but I agree- I’ll only click if I really like the blog or if the particular post looks promising. So does that make us really lazy or really efficient? ;)

  3. says

    1. I don’t.
    2. Cool!
    3. So lovely :-) And he gave you 4 gorgeous kids too. Jackpot.
    4. What a great idea.
    5. Wow. Just WOW.
    6. I have one of my own :-)
    7. Oh yes totally agree 100%!!

  4. Peggy says

    Well. it is hard to see all that wonderful babiness and not have one of my own. my baby is 8. wonderful baseball player and a great philosopher,still not a kissable baby any longer.:(
    I had once apon a time a little girl like Prim. She is now a grown woman and i must tell you still as wonderful and thoughtful.she will be your friend all your life.who could ask for more?
    very nice man your husband by the way.the diapers were beyond me when we were having our family. love the idea,not so much the application.

  5. says

    I was just telling my boys the other day that there were kids out there who would see a need and just take care of it, and they looked at me like I had just told them I’d seen an alien get out of a UFO. So I had to amend my comment — “Well, girls anyway,” and then it was all right, because they understood I was talking about aliens. ;-)

    • says

      Huh. So can you give me the synopsis, or do I have to watch the Ted Talk? I’d love to know the why behind this. I really thought it was just to make me crazy (oh, and to reduce spam).

    • says

      The link IS a synopsis silly girl. You didn’t actually think I would give a new mom a 16 min video to watch? (I give you enough other stuff to do, so maybe don’t answer that.) It IS a good video, though. But basically when you do the word verification one word the computer knows. That’s the one you have to get right. The other word is an unknown word from a digitized book. When enough people put the same answer in for that word, then the computer digitizing the book knows what it is and can fill in that blank. So, by doing the word verification you are actually helping to digitize old books. It’s really neat.

    • says

      Yours is much better. :) And that IS cool, but I’d still rather other people do it, and I could pass on word verification altogether. I’ll stick to my chocolate. ;)

  6. says

    Beautiful pictures of your girls! Primose sounds like a wonderful girl!
    :-) I didn’t even know you could turn the verification off, so I’ll go look to see if I can figure it out! ;-)

  7. says

    What a beautiful post. Primrose is a treasure. I imagine that she loved reading this too. :) I’m sorry if my blog ever gives you word verification. I can’t turn it on or off, it just happens randomly. :( I don’t like it either.

  8. says

    Love the cheapo dry-earase sheets! So simple and yet brilliant. Great post, Sarah.

    Oh, and the “word verification” thing, duly noted. :)

  9. says

    Beautiful pictures of your sweet Primrose! I thought I had turned off word verification but it appears I had not. I wonder if my blog is doing what Dawn’s is doing? We will see. For now, they are off. :-)

  10. says

    I turned off my word verification a few months ago when a sweet friend pointed out to me how awful it was. I never saw it because it doesn’t make me verify on my own blog and for some reason, (I blame it on super tired nursing brain) I didn’t realize that the crazy word verification I was seeing on other people’s blogs was the same crazy thing I had.

    Your big girl is just delightful and such a blessing to you! I think my girls would scoop her up and love her like a kindred spirit! I don’t know how other readers stand it. If I didn’t have Cupcake’s cheeks to smush after seeing Posy Wosy’s cuteness, I might be tempted to stalk you.

  11. says

    I AM tortured by baby Posy cuteness everytime I come to your blog. Boo Hoo, I want an adorable kissy baby too! Primrose is awesome, sigh…I totally hear you on word verification…can’t tell you how many responses have been scrapped because of that torturous mind game!

  12. says

    Primrose is just the sweetest and so thoughtful! Love seeing pictures of her and Posy together :-) I think she may just love her as much as her momma! She always looks so happy and peaceful with her. Love the idea of the easy peasy erase board too! THANK YOU SO MUCH for that idea! Love it, love it, love it!!! Erase boards for all, lol!
    I hate those word verifications too. I never wear my reading glasses while online and I always feel so blind while squinting trying to figure out what they say!
    Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day, Sarah!

  13. says

    I rushed over and turned off the word verification on my blog! Not that I think you are visiting my little baby blog but if you ever did I’d be so excited I couldn’t stand it, so, I turned them off! I didn’t even know I could do that. Your Primrose is a treasure. Hoo boy. Good thing you were clear that we can’t have her! Your whole family really. I loved Andy’s comment on the diaper issue. New babies in the family are supposed to be overwhelming, I think. Just so we don’t try to do too much stuff. Anyway, just keep sharing Posy pictures :-)

  14. says

    1. I Can’t!
    2. Yeah. Right. Sure…knew that all along.
    3. Atta boy, Viper!
    4. Prim is Super Sweet!
    5. Really, really Super Sweet…
    6. I already do…she’s #1 bear-cub
    7. Ditto

  15. Laura says

    #1: A lot of self-control Primrose. Plus, I say hi to little kids in the mall until they laugh in embarrasment and hide :) Multiple times. And I get blown kisses. True story.
    #5 Oh, how sweet!
    #7 LOL I know whay you mean about the word verification. I have to stare at the screen for a whole minute before typing the word.

  16. says

    So, how does one go about getting a week of summer w/Prim? (andy any others who care to joine in:) We would have so much fun, and she oculd help me with the things this aging body can’t seem to do anymore!

  17. says

    Word verification boxes drive me nuts. I can never read those letters and thus after messing up twice I call my three oldest kids over to read them to me. Meh to all those who have them. I usually refuse to leave comments b/c of them.

    • says

      Elizabeth, shoot me an email (amongstlovelythings-at-gmail-dot-com) so I can email you about this. :) It’s too long to put here in the combox.

  18. says

    But you’d send her to your favorite older sister for a month, right? I mean, it would be totally educational for her and all to be in the Nation’s Capital. And to teach her auntie her mad skills with her newest niece.