7 Quick Takes…. no actually- just 5


Posy’s self-comforting technique is to rub her tummy. When I was pregnant, her technique was rubbing my tummy. Bare. (That got a little awkward we she got sleepy while we were in the waiting room at the dentist, let me tell you!) Anyway, we can always tell when she’s getting sleepy or stressed because she insists on a binky and starts going to town on that sweet little belly.


These days she wants her binky all the time, asks for a bib at meal time, and begs to sit in the twins’ high chairs. Sigh. So much for potty training! There is nothing about this girl that wants to be anything except a baby, and the funny thing about being one of six is that we don’t really want her to grow up either, so we all think it’s hilarious and cute. Which is helpful, I’m sure. :P


I found the parachute I used to use when I taught preschool, and the babies loved it. These photos crack me up because if you imagine some peppy children’s music in the background, the fuzziness paints a fairly accurate picture of what things look like at any ordinary moment around here.

IMG_0533-2 IMG_0535-3 IMG_0531-1


Today is the first Sister-to-Sister Open Thread discussion over at Scholé Sisters! I am so excited about these- they are what I envisioned back in February, when I first started imagining the space that Scholé Sisters has become. We’re starting a discussion post each Friday and hope to have a vibrant conversation in the comments there.  We can all learn so much from each other. Today we’re talking about ways to cultivate beauty in the learning atmosphere. Come chat with us?


Here’s another picture of Posy that cracks me up.


She’s a nervous little thing (she reminds me so much of Prim at that age!) and though she desperately wanted to feed the goats, she couldn’t work up the gumption to have them eat out of her hand. This is as close as she could get, but her expression is what has me in stitches. Oh my gosh. That girl.


On a more serious note- remember when I asked you to pray for my friend Courtney? She is a friend of mine- an amazing mama of 8 (her last two are twins, the same age as my own!). Very recently she was expecting her 9th baby and went into preterm labor. After a week of keeping little baby Terezia’s birth at bay, Terezia was born on July 10- a full three months early- weighing in at only  2lbs 11 oz. Her lungs began failing almost immediately, however, and shortly after her birth, little Terezia Immaculata died.

Sadly, this is not the first time Courtney and her husband Terry have lost a newborn baby.  In 2005, they lost Gemma Therese just 53 minutes after her birth. She was diagnosed with Full Trisomy 13, and doctors encouraged Courtney and her husband to terminate the pregnancy. gemma1They didn’t. From Courtney’s blog for Gemma:

She blessed us with 52 minutes in our arms, before her angels took her heavenly Home. Our little Gemma has taught us how to love deeper, experience gratitude, and treasure all of the gifts we have been given. If your baby has been diagnosed with Trisomy 13 or a similar condition, do not be afraid, you will never regret loving your baby.

I’m telling you this because Courtney’s whole family needs prayer, but also because there is something else we can do. Gemma was buried across the state from where the family lives.  Now, Courtney longs to have her babies buried close to one another where the family can visit their burial sites. It would be a great consolation to her whole family to make this happen, but it’s a costly process and this family of 10 needs help to make it happen.

A Go Fund Me account has been created for this purpose, and it would bless the Holihen family enormously if we could all spare just a little to help them make it happen. You can make a donation of any amount by clicking here.

Thank you for your generosity!

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  1. Blackaw says

    I love the way Huck (or is that Dewy?) is trying to figure out how to get past that gate and crawl upstairs! Busy house, yours is.

    • says

      Blackaw. She still calls you that! She points at your picture (I need to send you those!) and says, “Blackaw!” I laughed out loud when I saw you call yourself that here. :P

  2. Linda M says

    With my daughter, the middle child, oh-so-many years ago, it was her thumb and her belly button. And I might have been known to snip a few threads in all her cute onesies and dresses just so she would have (modest) access at all times. (-: Love all your pictures and prayers for Courtney and family!

    • Lil'y says

      A Montessori tip. Consider moving the stair gate up a couple of steps so that your little guys can practice. My little ones have all mastered stairs by 9 months (going backward on tummy) although I admit my stairs were divided with a landing halfway down, and they went to the basement not up. I used every opportunity to practice the tummy approach with them. Thanks for sharing your lovely family and insights with us!