Change of Plans :: the “Most” Posts Link-Up

Change of plans! I told you were going to have a “Top 10 Posts of 2013″ link-up tomorrow, but I changed my mind. (ohhhh prerogative!) ;)

Based on what dropped into my email, it looks like trying to choose ten of our own posts from a single year is… hard!

So I came up with a better idea.

Instead, create a post of “mosts!” Let’s all highlight five of our own posts from the year that fit into the following categories:

  • Post with the most clicks
  • Post with the most comments
  • Post with the best picture
  • Post that was the hardest to write
  • Post that was your personal favorite (not your readers’ favorite- your favorite)

The only rules are that the posts should be from your own blog, and they should be from 2013.

Sound fun? Okay then. We’ll meet here tomorrow for the “Most” Post Link-Up! See you then!

(p.s. Happy Gaudete Sunday!)


  1. Sounds great!

  2. Ha!! Did you see my post? I already posted mine, used your original button (I can still switch them out) but I couldn’t choose just 10 either so I listed a few favorites and top pins from each month. :) glad to see I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t decide!!

  3. Hi sarah
    I already wrote my Top 10 and posted yesterday, but I’m so happy to add in the “Mosts” you suggest before I link up tmrw! I think those are awesome ideas…and interesting, as well.

    Thanks for the ideas and for hosting! I grabbed your button; so I’m all set.

    Havea lovely Sunday!

  4. Ohhh. I’m going ot come play!

  5. Very happy for your new category, will be easier to do. Actually a tech question, in blogspot stats I can only see most popular etc for day, week, month, ever. Any tips on how I can see year? Do I need to install something better to have a better idea of my stats?

    • I have Google analytics installed on my blog, Erin. They are the industry standard for accurate stat readings. However, you have to install them before it starts tracking it.

      I have not been using it long enough to find out my stats for this whole year. Instead, I just went to “all time” in my blogger stats and saw that 2013 post on the list, so I knew that one had the most clicks for that year.

      Another easy tool to install on your blog for the future is sitemeter.

      Hope that helps!

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